Windows Server Essentials

Where you work and how you work is constantly changing. Want to work on the go while keeping your data protected? You can. We can help.

To address growing data and storage needs, and to support the increasing number of employees who work remotely using mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, many experts agree that a top priority for small companies should be to add a server to their existing IT infrastructure.

How will adopting my first server change my daily productivity and security?

  • Online data backup and protection of your computers.
  • Employees will be able to easily share and organize business documents.
  • Provide remote access to data from any internet-connected location or device.
  • Provide a platform for running line-of-business applications.
  • Offer the flexibility of multiple options for integrated email.
  • Reduce infrastructure costs for businesses with limited IT support.

Let us help you assess your current IT needs and build a roadmap that leads into the future, so your IT systems will support your business as you grow.

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