Systems Integration

Systems Integration involves the extensive processes of design, testing, implementation, and support. Once a prospective client has expressed a need, a design is recommended based on the appropriate technology. This technology is based on proven solutions from industry standards and past client engagements. This is the most important component of the Systems Integration process, since it ties into every part of the implementation.

This design is thoroughly tested to ensure that technical, functional, and business objectives are not only met, but exceeded by Parkinson Systems standards.

A successful implementation is based on the design and testing phases of a project. Parkinson Systems engineers utilize their extensive industry knowledge and deep skillsets to provide the ideal solutions for our clients.

Areas of Services Include:

  • Hardware/Software Audit and Recommendations
  • Server Installation and Configuration
  • Network Domain Design and Implementation
  • Business Management Application Integration
  • Enterprise Messaging Systems Integration and Upgrades
  • E-mail filtering and SPAM Prevention
  • Client Design and Implementation
  • Document Management Systems
  • Database Systems

Technical Training and Support

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